Who Is The Cheapest CFD Broker To Trade With?

Finding a low spread or low commission CFD broker is no easy feat. There are 100’s of brokers to choose from, many who seemingly promote “free” CFD trading. But do not be fooled.

Be wary of headlines such as these:

  • spreads from 0 pips
  • $0 commission trading
  • spread-free trading

There are plenty of brokers who use such headlines in their promotional material and this can fool potential traders into thinking they are about to start trading for a very low price or even for free. But free CFD trading does not exist so you need to be aware of such marketing gimmicks.

This type of marketing is not only dishonest and misleading, but it has made finding a cheap CFD broker almost impossible!

To put this to bed, we have compared and listed a number of low-cost brokers so you can see some of their spreads, which is the major trading cost. This will enable us to reveal who we think the cheapest CFD broker is.

Compare Some Of The Cheapest CFD Brokers

Below are some of the lowest spread brokers that you will find in the industry. Obviously, there are hundreds of CFD brokers to choose from and we have only listed four.. This is just to give you an idea of who we think are the cheapest, however we acknowledge that there are other low-cost brokers out there.

The highlighted blue text in each line below represents the lowest spread available for that particular market.

0.9pt (Fixed)
1pt (Fixed) From 1pt From 1.2pts
1pt (Fixed)
1.6pts (Fixed) From 2.4pts From 1.6pts
0.9pt (Fixed)
1pt (Fixed) From 1.2pts From 1.6pts
0.4pt (Fixed)
1pt (Fixed) From 1pt From 1.2pts
4pts (Fixed)
8pts (Fixed) From 8pts From 8pts
AUD/USD 0.6 pips (Fixed) 0.9 pips (Avg.) 0.77 pips (Avg.)
From 0.4 pips
EUR/USD 0.6 pips (Fixed) 0.8 pips (Avg.) 0.69 pips (Avg.)
From 0.1pips
1.2 pips (Fixed)
2.8 pips (Avg.) 1.47 pips (Avg.) From 1.5 pips
0.8 pips (Fixed)
1.8 pips (Avg.) 0.88 pips (Avg.) From 1 pip
Gold 3pts (Fixed) 3pts (Variable)
1.3pts (Avg.)
From 3pts
Silver 2pts (Fixed) 2pts (Fixed)
1.09pts (Avg.)
From 1.9pts
Crude Oil 3pts (Fixed)
5pts (Fixed)
2.3pts (Avg.)
From 3pts
30pts (Fixed)
From 35pts 31.39 (Avg.) N/A
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Risk Warning: CFD and FX trading is not suitable for all investors. CFDs/ FX are leveraged trading products and carry a high level of risk. You do not own or have rights in the underlying assets. Please note, the information on this website is for general informational purposes and does not consider your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. We encourage you to seek independent advice.

….And The Cheapest CFD Broker Is? 

It is pretty obvious from the table above (and the evidence we are about to provide below) that TD365.com is the cheapest CFD broker that we can find. Of the thirteen spreads listed above, TD365 were a clear winner in eight and were not far off the other five.

TD365 prides itself on being a low-cost broker with some of the lowest spreads you will find. Adding to the low-cost aspect, is the fact that they also offer fixed spreads. With fixed spreads, you will always know how much you are going to pay to open a trade. This is critical to your trading success.

This broker is regulated in Australia and The Bahamas, and can offer leverage of 1:200 through its Bahamas licence. It’s trading platform is one of the easiest we have had the pleasure of using and is perfect for both beginners or experienced trader.


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Not Convinced?

If you are as sceptical about things as us, then of course you may have doubts about the outcome of TD365 being the cheapest CFD broker that we could find.

If that is the case, no problem, we would urge you to email us and point out any other broker that can beat TD365 consistently low spreads. We are, after all, all about transparency and providing independent information – if TD365 can be beaten, then show us the money!

Other Low-Cost Broker Comparisons?

We are not the only ones to have reviewed the cheapest CFD brokers and reported our findings.

We would like to bring your attention to this article: “The Ultimate CFD Broker Review“, where an extremely thorough comparison of 100 brokers took place!

And also this video from Trade Tom “The Truth About CFD and FX Brokers – and how they cheat you”, which exposes the brokers who charge very wide spreads, and those that are low cost.