Compare MAS Regulated Brokers (Singapore)

Are you looking for a MAS regulated broker to place trades with but a little uncertain about where to start? We hope we can help you.

MAS is short for Monetary Authority of Singapore and acts as Singapore’s financial regulatory authority. Trading with MAS regulated brokers is considered relatively safe due to MAS’ tight regulatory guidelines and policy, leaving no room for dodgy brokers.

However, comparing and choosing a suitable MAS broker is not easy. There are many to choose from and sometimes the process can become confusing and frustrating. We hope that this quick guide on what MAS is and does, along with the comparison of some MAS brokers, gives you a helping hand in your search.

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What is MAS and What Do They Do?

Singaporean flagThe Monetary Authority of Singapore, or MAS, is Singapore’s financial markets governing body. Founded in 1971, MAS was created to oversee the country’s banking and finance sector, which was previously overseen by differing government departments. They are one of the longest-serving regulators in the CFD & FX trading space.

Today, MAS is considered a highly-trusted and formidable regulator in the online trading space. It is deemed to be one of the most influential and respected governing bodies around the world, and a ‘top-tier‘ regulator, in the same ilk as the FCA and ASIC.

MAS ensures that all CFD and FX firms promoting their services in Singapore are authorised to do so. Furthermore, MAS do not just hand out licences to any broker – all brokers go through stringent stress-testing before being approved. And once approved, MAS does not stop monitoring these brokers. In fact, they are probably watched even closer to ensure they are respecting the polices, protocols and procedures laid out by MAS.

Why Trade With a MAS Regulated Broker?

CFD brokers that are regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore are deemed to be more trusted and safer than brokers regulated in some other jurisdictions. They are definitely more safer than an unregulated broker!

Given MAS is considered a Tier-1 regulatory licence to hold as a broker, it underlines how highly regarded MAS is and how difficult it is to get a licence (expensive too!). Brokers that hold a MAS licence have been verified as being reputable enough as a business to be granted a top-tier licence.

Therefore, by choosing to trade with a MAS regulated broker, Singaporean traders are giving themselves the best chance at succeeding with their trading.

How Do You Find The Best MAS Regulated Broker?

There are a number of critical considerations to think about when trying to find a suitable broker. Here are the top 5:

  • Regulation: ensure your broker of choice is heavily regulated, whether that be by MAS or another regulator. Graphics
  • Quality Customer Support: look for a broker that offers 24/5 support in English and other languages, across email, live chat and phone.
  • Deposits & Withdrawals: find a broker that offers a range of depositing and withdrawing methods, that are quick and easy.
  • Spreads: look for a low-cost broker like TD365 or Trade Nation. Lower trading costs = a better chance of making a profit. Never pay more than you need to.
  • Platform & App: ensure your broker has an easy-to-use trading platform and has an available app so you can trade on the go.

How Do You Check If Your Broker Is MAS Regulated?

Always check that your MAS broker of choice is indeed verified and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

To do this, there are two ways:

  1. Go to the MAS website ( and contact them to ask for verification.
  2. Head to the MAS Institution Directory and search for your broker

We would hate to think that any broker states that they are regulated by MAS, if they are not. This is why double checking using the methods above is so important. Take 2 minutes and check for your own piece of mind!

Conclusion: Why Choose a MAS Regulated Broker?

Whilst trading with a MAS broker will mean you can only access a maximum trading leverage of 20:1, there are many other benefits. The most important benefit they can offer is safety; given MAS’ reputation as a top tier governing body.

The simple fact is, MAS provides a safe, secure and heavily regulated trading environment for all Singaporean traders. Would you be afforded the same sense of security if you traded with a less reputable broker? No.

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