Compare Brokers With High Leverage

Are you looking to find some brokers that can offer high leverage? Great, you have come to the right place.

Due to recent product intervention orders in Australia, and some other regions, quite a large number of brokers can only offer low leverage these days.

These leverage restrictions are forcing more and more traders to look for offshore brokers, so they can continue to trade whilst utilising higher rates of leverage.

But which brokers with high leverage are safe to use? This guide will provide the answer to that question and provide further insight into why traders are seeking higher rates of leverage.

Best High Leverage Brokers Available in 2021

Broker     Official Site   Max. Leverage Regulations Min. Deposit    Spreads From Review
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200:1 $0 0.14 (Fixed)
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500:1 $100 From 0 pips
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500:1     $200 From 0.1 pips
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400:1 $100 From 0.9 pips
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400:1   $100 From 0.5 pips
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Why is Leverage Important To Traders?

Trading with leverage is one of the main benefits of trading CFDs and other OTC investment products. By trading with leverage, a trader gains access to the global financial markets and only needs to deposit a small portion (%) of the total value of a trade. The rest is ‘borrowed‘ from the online broker as margin. This allows traders to open significantly larger trade sizes in proportion to their initial deposit.

Before a number of regulators, like ASIC in Australia, intervened and capped leverage, most brokers offered a minimum of 200:1 leverage and some even offered as high as 1000:1.

Whilst trading with super high leverage, like 1000:1, is not necessary or recommended, there were some responsible brokers like, for example, who offered a maximum of 200:1 leverage, which is plenty.

The bottom line is, traders love leverage – its one of the main benefits of trading CFDs – and now many regulators have restricted the amount of leverage they can trade with. This means they need more money on their account to place the same trade/s as before. For example, if your old CFD broker had leverage of 300:1, but was then told the maximum they could offer their clients is 30:1, the clients would need 10 times more money on their account!

Does Everyone Have Access to High Leverage?

Yes and no.

Many regulators have restricted the amount of leverage that the residents of that country can receive. But does this mean that a resident of a particular country has to trade with a broker that is regulated in that country?

No, they do not.

They have a choice to make – trade using lower leverage with a broker that is regulated in their country, or look for an offshore broker that can provide access to higher leverage.

The decision is ultimately with the individual trader and what they require to make their trading a success.


Highest Leverage By Regulator

As you now know, each individual regulator sets leverage guidelines and, if applicable, introduces leverage restrictions. Here are the maximum leverage rates by regulator:

  • ASIC (Australia)  – 30:1 leverage
  • DFSA (Dubai & UAE) – 50:1 leverage
  • CySEC (Cyprus) – 30:1 leverage
  • Bafin (Germany) – 30:1 leverage
  • FMA (New Zealand) – 500:1 leverage
  • MAS (Singapore) – 20:1 leverage
  • FSCA (South Africa) – 200:1 leverage
  • FCA (UK) – 30:1 leverage


Our Recommended Broker With High Leverage

BlackBull Markets is an award-winning online broker based in Auckland, NZ. Having launched in 2014, BlackBull has exploded in popularity and growth, and is now considered a global, top-tier FX broker.

This broker is regulated by the FMA in NZ, offers incredibly tight spreads and high leverage of 500:1. BlackBull Markets can accept clients from all around the world.

  • Leverage: 500:1
  • Regulation: FMA (NZ)
  • Opening amount: $100
  • Spreads: Variable
  • Trading platform: MT4 and MT5